Status Sunday #6

I’m late…again. When i planned to write this post yesterday i was working on my first case in the remedial course. So i thought i just push the blog to a later time, because i wanted to finish the case. Then i forgot. Oh well, so much for sticking to schedule. Overall last week was good none the less. I mostly stuck to my schedule, i didn’t lapse too much. Eating was clean and good and i lost some good weight. On Friday i attended a business administration tutorial, which helped a lot to understand the quite scientifically written script. It’s sometimes hard to understand the scripts my university gives out and since there are no lectures to attend you have to learn by reading and going to tutorials on your own volition. So sometimes i end up reading a section of the script several times, and then reading up on the topic in a book or watching a relevant video to fully grasp the concept presented in the script. But that’s studying and it’s still fun so far, so no complaints there.

So for the coming week it’s more of the same. Setting schedule, sticking with it and not get distracted. I recently felt the urge to get back into EVE Online, which i played a long time in the past. But i don’t want to, i feel it might ruin my chance to get my degree because it might suck me in again playing it every free minute of my life. The urge will pass eventually. At least i hope so.