Status Sunday #6

I’m late…again. When i planned to write this post yesterday i was working on my first case in the remedial course. So i thought i just push the blog to a later time, because i wanted to finish the case. Then i forgot. Oh well, so much for sticking to schedule. Overall last week was good none the less. I mostly stuck to my schedule, i didn’t lapse too much. Eating was clean and good and i lost some good weight. On Friday i attended a business administration tutorial, which helped a lot to understand the quite scientifically written script. It’s sometimes hard to understand the scripts my university gives out and since there are no lectures to attend you have to learn by reading and going to tutorials on your own volition. So sometimes i end up reading a section of the script several times, and then reading up on the topic in a book or watching a relevant video to fully grasp the concept presented in the script. But that’s studying and it’s still fun so far, so no complaints there.

So for the coming week it’s more of the same. Setting schedule, sticking with it and not get distracted. I recently felt the urge to get back into EVE Online, which i played a long time in the past. But i don’t want to, i feel it might ruin my chance to get my degree because it might suck me in again playing it every free minute of my life. The urge will pass eventually. At least i hope so.

Status Sunday #5

This week went by fast. Semester officially started and i got some serious work done. Started out with Economics and law remedial course. I’m still shy a bit away from business administration because i am not quite firm enough with differential calculus. Still working on getting my math up to speed, then i’ll also delve into the business studies. Nonetheless on next Friday there will be an business administration tutorial at the local university branch which i will attend. And i will at least read through the first few chapters to get an idea and so i will be able to follow the concepts.

On the discipline front things are looking good. I got up and went to bed on time (except on Saturday, which is ok – cheat day). I did stick to my schedule and learning still went pretty easily. At work i also got my motivation up and got some good days in. Today i had some family duties to attend to. My grand parents celebrated their 65th anniversary so i had to sit through a catholic mass, but was rewarded with a nice and extensive meal afterwards. It was a good thing to see the extended family again, we get together far to seldom.

For next week my plan is to get along further on my studies. I’m already feeling like i’m falling behind, but semester just started so i have to calm myself down a bit on that front. So, i have to set my schedule for next week now. Until then.

Status Sunday #4

Another week gone by, another Sunday. Well, i let things slide a little bit this last week. It was my last week before the start of the Semester so i wanted to get some slack. My study materials finally arrived on Thursday, so i can start working on it. It’s quite the workload, but it really seems manageable. The plan is to start learning early and revise regularly, so i won’t get to much crunch time before the exams.

On the positive side i kept my sleep schedule, except today. Saturday to Sunday night is my cheat night, so that’s ok. I ate mostly clean, not to many slips there. The biggest was a pack of Oreos yesterday. I somehow needed that. I didn’t study every day and i also only kept a very loose schedule for last week. I didn’t write my journal every day.

What i did is i was awesome at work, really got my statistics up, did some more work with my coach and got a lot of motivation from that. I also picked up juggling since a few days. It’s really low impact, i have my juggling balls laying around and every time i walk by i just juggle a bit. It’s far from perfect, actually i suck at it, but it’s bound to get better.

The coming week will be a scheduled week again. Looking forward to dive into my study material, i glanced over it already and it really seems to be quite good and in-depth. Didn’t know what i was expecting to be honest. I’m positively surprised by the quality of the scripts. Next week i’ll be able to give a better assessment how good they really are. Until then.

Status Sunday #3

I know, i know it’s Monday already. Yesterday i wasn’t feeling well after hitting the gym so i forgot to blog while i drowned myself in self pity. But i digress. Status. The week started out pretty good. Monday to Wednesday i stuck to my schedule and ate clean. Thursday and Friday i started slacking a bit. Didn’t study as much as i planned and procrastinated more than i would allow myself. But i managed to work out Wednesday, Friday and Sunday so that’s a plus. Considering i didn’t go to the gym for a few month before this is definitely a win. I need to get back into the habit of working out regularly, it’s so good for my health. I did 5 consecutive workouts now and i already am relieved of back pains and leg cramps again. Those things tend to flare up when i didn’t do anything sporty for a month or two.

For this week i’m going a bit easier again. I still got a bit time until semester starts, so i can afford to still get used to my schedule. At least it’s really easy by now to get up at 06:00, most of the time i wake up 5 minutes before my alarm rings. I’m amazed that i adapted so quickly, i never thought i could be a morning person. My friends still give me a bit of a hard time when announce that i’ll go to bed at 22:00 in Teamspeak, but i don’t care anymore. I’m doing this for me, not for them.

On Monday i also started a written journal. I don’t know yet where i am going with that. At the moment i write down everything work-related and a few things about what’s on my mind. It’s a nice reminder what i did at least. I’ll continue to see where it will lead me.

Status Sunday #2

Another week is over and it was a mixed experience. I did get up at 6 am on every day except today, which is fine because on Sundays it’s ok to sleep in. I got some serious studying done and had some revelations in mathematics. I finally got mathematical induction into my head. It’s great because i struggled with that a few years ago when i failed computer science at university. But i didn’t really study and review at home back then. I somehow thought that attending lectures and classes will get me through the exams without having to study at home. Yeah…i deserved to fail.

It wasn’t a completely successful week though. I didn’t study my full 2 hours on Tuesday and didn’t do anything at all on Friday and today. Friday is ok, because i had a full schedule then. Work from 08:00 to 17:00 and after that my boss invited us to a barbecue. Who am i to decline delicious grilled meat? It’s more of a bummer that i didn’t study today, i just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and open my books. At least i went to the gym, that’s a plus.

Now i only have to plan the next week. I’ll try to stick to my schedule even more and sometime during the coming weeks i’ll start a daily journal to remind myself what i did each day. I already struggle to remember what i did each weekday when i write those blog posts. A journal should really be helpful with that and it’s a good habit to keep. Also it helps to write down ideas there for later usage. Oftentimes i remember that i had a really good idea the day before, but can’t actually remember what that idea was about…

Status Sunday #1

Well, a short week lies behind me since my first post. I did some planning ahead the last few days and mostly i managed to stick to the plan. I went to bed at 22:30 and got up at 06:00 every day. I started this as an experiment few weeks ago and it turn out that i am more awake and more productive during the day when i get up at 6 in the morning. I scheduled two block of study time, 2 hours each Saturday and Sunday and i did it. 2 hours is pretty much perfect, because I can do 4 Pomodoros in that time. I do the standard 25 minute Pomodoros with 5 minute breaks, it makes studying much easier and less impact-y. I also planned 1 hour each day for cleaning, but couldn’t get myself to do it.  Oh well, i’ll get there eventually.

For the coming week i didn’t plan as strict as this weekend, i need to ease into it. I fear if i go all nuts with the planning, i will drop it within a week. Semester starts in October, and i’ll only do two modules this semester, so i can start easy and up my game over the next months.

Let’s get this started.

So…blog. I guess a lot of blogs start with a post like this. And even more end right here, too. I’ll try to continue as best as i can.

Who am i? I’m a thirty-something, german, slightly nerdy guy. Over the years i perfected the art of procrastination and binge-productivity. When i’m hooked on something i’m entering a state of hyper-productivity. I’ll gather any knowledge i can find about it and try to spend every available minute doing it. That will last for any span of time between 3 days and a month, after that i’ll suddenly looses all interest. Back to procrastination and lurking Reddit it is then. So, this obviously has to change first. I need some long time motivation. And some serious organisation skills. Via Reddit (oh, the irony), i found this amazing guide by James Maa. A week ago i started to plan my days ahead. I’m still far away from what he is doing, i’m still leaving lot’s of free spaces in my calendar, but i will up my game, as i go along. Baby steps. I don’t want to scare my monkey brain.

But what is my goal actually? Well, first i want to become a better person, by not wasting too much time anymore. I’d like to finally get an academic degree. While i do have a decent job, that makes me a nice living, that’s not where i’d like to be 10 years down the road. I recently started to study with the goal Bachelor of Laws, while working full-time. That might take anywhere between 5 and 7 years, but with the help of more efficiency and planning i might get it over with quicker. I’ll need lots more willpower and long-term motivation than i have right now. This is where this blog steps in. It will give me some kind of accountability. I will need to post my progress here, for all the interwebs to see and i don’t want to let down the people of the interwebs, will i?

I do have some other goals, some i will disclose here, some i will keep to myself. My first goal for this blog will be a routine of weekly updates, starting Sunday.

Until then…